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2001-05-24 22:32:50 (UTC)


Hey yall let me tell you about my day.. ok so i go to
school looking bad no makeup or lipgloss! lol im all sick
and then im like dying in every class i got to the burse
she cant do nothing she says for me to go back to class!
dammit!! so anyway i skip lunch go to a friends class the
last thing i wanna see is people eat oh god. well im in his
class playing cards and talking counting down how many days
of school we have left ( 20 not counting weekends) well i
go to gym the class where i can finally spend some time
with my baby. it felt so good seeing him again after 2 days
but then class if over finally time to go to my bus where i
also sit with my baby and talk to mandy my cousin who
invites us to lake compounce which is basically a small six
flags.. my mom wont let me go since we dont have school
monday thats when it is. dammit i wanna go! well anyways on
my way home i see yaya i call my grandma that she takes me
to eat she drops me off at daddys house and now im here!
hehe well im gonna go i will write tomorrow, PLANS FOR
WEEKEND: GO SEE PEARL HARBOR! ben affleck is hot!! lol yay
tomorrow is friday! THANK YOU GOD!
luv yall!