The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
2002-04-12 13:48:28 (UTC)

me,yet again

ok, my friends are so annoying! not jessica d. shes kewl.
but jessica b.,sara,sabrina,and lauren and christina.moby
has a star on his ass! but ne ways,they are always ignoring
me.its not enough that i wont be there next year.but i
have to be in a class by myself with a bunch of stuck up
bitches and annoying(farting noises and actually
farting*eww*)guys.some are cute,but just plain annoying
jerks.all my *friends* are in another class.so i si tby
myself all day x-cept at lunch ,4th period,and 7th period.
but thats like 2 hours.thats not enough for all of my
friend and me to talk.we need bout 5 hours to get all our
enrgy out,and we have tons of energy when we are
together.well thats it for right now.bbye.

^.~ jennifer

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