My life as Trick
2002-04-12 13:20:43 (UTC)

Child's Play

I filled out a job application at a company called The Children's
Place last week. A former employer of mine was going to work for the
company at a new mall that is opening up in town, and they were in
dire need of an Assistant Manager.

She called me with the news of "This job is SO yours. I spoke with my
District Manager, and she said that she'll interview you over the
phone. If she likes you, she's going to offer you the position at
the end of the call."

I was buttered up one side and down the other, and the company
sounded pretty good. SOOOOOO, I went and filled out the application
so that they could perform the obligatory background check (all is
good) and scheduled the phone interview for the following day at 10am.

Everything went well. Very well. EXTREMELY well. My phone interview
lasted 75 minutes, and I was happy with it. The DM told me that she
could only go up to a yearly salary of about 3k less than what I'm
currently making. I told her that if she could get it to under 2k,
then I could go with it.

She said that she would speak with HER manager, and I would her from
her on Monday morning.

Monday = No call.

Tuesday = No call.

Wednesday = 1 week from the store's open date, and still, no call.

On Thursday, I received a call at 1pm.

Evidently, she had been able to get the money that I wanted. However,
because she was able to get the money...

She made the offer to the person that had turned the position down in
the first place.

I had negotiated my way out of a new job.

My former manager was stunned. She had not known what was going on
until the DM walked into her store with the "New Assistant Manager"
behind her.

She called me last night and apologized about 20 times, saying things
like "If I had known that there was a chance that you WOULDN'T have
gotten the job, I never would have said (blank)" and "I just thought
that the only obstacle was a meeting of the minds on the MONEY... I
just don't know what to say".

Well, I do.

These things happen.

No biggie.

And surprisingly, that's the most mature attitude I've taken with
things in a LONG time.

Of course, it helps that I received my merit increase today at my
current place of employment, and The Children's Place couldn't afford
me now any way ;)