down in my eyes
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2002-04-12 08:28:02 (UTC)


I dunno, but Hugs are GRAND, arent they? When they're
from that one special person, atleast.

I made a last visit, to my ol' high school, taday. I ran
into several acquaintances/buddies, but i was mostly
there for my babe, Bianca. I also paid respects to
Mr. Polite- my most memorable teacher, ever.
Or, high school teacher, atleast. When i saw Polite, i
gave him a big hug. It's fun hugging him, 'cos he has
this big, rounded pot belly.. 'n my arms can just barely
make a circle around him... He's crazy. 'N he's
prolly the only teacher i've ever had- prolly MANY ppl
have ever had- who you get so chummy with, 'n HUG.

Thats all. I'm tired. Go to sleep, janice.

"The picture frames are facing down, and they're ringing
from this empty sound. It's deafening,
and keeping you from sleep"

-Dashboard Confessional