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2002-04-12 06:26:21 (UTC)

apr 11

Yay I'm all done my exams and I'm now officially on summer
break! Five months of summer... man i need to get a JOB
now :P
the bf's friend was saying wierd things when he thought i
wasn't listening today... sorta got me worried.. the bf
called me later to tell me that the friend was just goofing
around and being stupid and wasn't serious about what he
said but I'm paranoid as a result of what happened with my
last (and only real other) boyfriend... Grrr i dont like it
when things like this happen. I have no fucking way of
knowing what the real truth is here. My bf could be telling
me the truth and i'm just so paranoid about stuff that I
make it a big deal when it's nothing, or the friend could
have actually meant something when he said what he did.
All I know is that when he thought i wasn't listening, the
friend started talking about his girl problems... he's
seeing some girl that's moving away for the summer right
away. So he just said "i don't know what to do.. maybe i'll
just play the same game you're playing" to which the bf
replies "what?" and the friend taps and his nose, the bf
says "what?" (all this is very quiet) then the friend
says "you know... (insert ex-gf's name here)..."
so i have no idea what they're talking about. The girl the
friend was talking about went out with my bf for like, a
year and a half, but they broke up 2 years ago. They're
still fairly good friends and talk to each other once in a
while. I don't know even what happened with them to cause
them to break up but I'm pretty certain that she broke up
with him. So I dunno. I never was suspcious about anything
happening between them and i'm not really even now. But
because my last boyfriend dumped me cuz he still loved his
ex, i get kind of antsy when i hear things of this nature
being said... especially so secretively...
the reason i worry is cuz this is the scenario that i've
developed in my head to match what was said:
the friend likes this girl but she's going away. my bf and
his ex gf are still friends. she dumped him, I think. So
i'm thinking that maybe the friend's plan is to stay 'just
friends' with this girl for now and see what happens which
would lead me to believe that "the game that you're
playing" as the friend put it would be for my bf to remain
friends with the ex with the hope that something might
happen. God I hope it's nothing like that. It was so shitty
with the last one.