Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-05-24 21:13:15 (UTC)

What is beautiful? You never..

What is beautiful?

You never can tell where it will be found and it changes
with the mood I guess and in the light you know
different things same things different times of day,
and somthings you see everyday then one day you just catch
it like this little tree I drive past all the time I never
saw it before then once I saw a cat in it and saw the tree
really saw it frail and skinny looking but its there
surving and its there everyday,and the leaves have come
and it doesnt seem so frail and so in need so sad.
You know when people are really beautiful when they get
excited like somone you never noticed and one day there
talking about somthing they love or somthing they did that
made them really happy.their faces light up and you see
them who they are when there happy and its somthing more or
somthing I dont know.
Ok so Im watching dancers in the dark this indie flix
with Bjork in it and its un real Shes really beautiful
I was moving away from that subject but she is, when shes
singing or what have you she totally changes into this
unreal creture this beautful thing.
with love spitfire