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2002-04-12 01:34:32 (UTC)

Another day in paradise - enemies try to attack

Thursday enemies tried to attack. Using old ways they
ever had tried. Using rumours and lies. It does not
work like in past. Because now I know to defeat low
level attacks.
Today I met some friend of past. He is in vacancy.
I talked to Carol. In real just made company when she
was going to her home.
Mel is there ever. I think she is going to be really
I talked to another people. She came from another state
of my country. Independent people that tried a good
life since teenage.
Pet dogs had a vacancy. There is siamic cat in outside
street. It seems to be bob tail.
Well a hero only works with real and truly friends.
Now I am ignoring false friends and enemies to save
my friends. Weak and coward attack of them means nothing
now. I have more fierce than before when I had not found
my heart.
I said I have no company I am in a lonely ride. It is true.
I will make some home called my friends.
Tomorrow days of life in my home town. Paradise was gone
out of here.