A day in the life....
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2002-04-12 04:05:54 (UTC)

beautiful weather and a wonderful weekend ahead

Oh! Have you been outside lately? It feels WONDERFUL!!! I
love warm weather :o) Today was a good day. Went and sat
outside from about 9am til 1:30pm, talked to Brian for a
short while, ate lunch, had dance class, took a test in
Geology (got a 71%), back to the swing table, Vespers,
Intervarsity..and now i await tomorrow..more specifically
tomorrow afternoon. Brian will be here, Swing Ball is at
night, should be some good weather again!, just have to
make it through my classes. Saturday will still get to hang
around Brian for a short while til he leaves, not sure what
after that, Sunday is church. *smiles* i'm just joyous. I'm
content with life as well..but i know it could be better if
i worked harder. God is AWESOME!!! End of story..and i
know i'll have more to write in a couple of days, if not
hours. God bless!