This is me...trying to find myself.
2001-05-24 20:52:31 (UTC)

same day...same year...*sigh*

A lot of people want to get life over with....or maybe
they just need a new life.
I think that is a lot more reasonable. If you really
hate life that much, anough to kill yourself, then you may
I mean you want to take your life....get it completely
over with.. for get about make think it helps but
it doesnt...atleast not the people around you.
I dont see how taking your life and then getting all
the people's lives around you all fucked up. Death...death
Why the fuck did people hafta die. What's the point. I
mean you're born, you grow up, youu win some you lose some,
and then *poof*, you've lost everything. ANd thats what all
the people that were around you think. You die and anyone
that ever cared about you, their world completely collapses.
What's the point of life....everyones seems so fucked
up and most people want it to end. And thats b/c of their
atmosphere. All the shit thats been hapening around them.
They feel alone, left out, sad, depressed, neglected, and
all that other depressing shit that no one ever wants to
think about....
I don't know thats like the only thing i