Thoughts to Share
2002-04-12 04:05:31 (UTC)

Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so....far away

Wednesday brought another dreaded hell test...I mean cell
test. Although, I think it probably could have been named
cell biology from hell. The course description didn't
insinuate that, but it should have. Grr.. Or...as
Meredith's dad thinks....perhaps it should be called Satan-
ology. We studied from about 8 until midnight. Well, not
to mention earlier that afternoon...and for the past few
days. But at midnight, we kinda split up, after several
cups of coffee. We were already tired, and I knew I wasn't
going to be able to stay up much past 2:00. Mer and I both
needed to clear our heads before we dove back in. So, we
took a little walk. It felt really nice outside at 1 AM.
The campus was very peaceful, and other ppl were out too.
Someone was playing guitar in the gazebo-type area near the
law building. Had it been any other night we probably
would've sat down and listened and just relaxed. Instead,
the walk was nice and short, with some good conversation,
and then it was back to cell. Yet, we decided that it was
nice outside, and pretty light in some areas, so we took
our books outside...yes, at 1 AM...to study. Of course
that didn't last long...it started to rain, so we came back
inside. By 2:00 we couldn't take it any longer. We were
absolutely delirious and our brains couldn't hold anymore
information. However, other people are up at 2 AM we
discovered. We're like....dude...go to bed. :-p
Econ was amusing since I looked over and I thought Meredith
was going to fall out of her chair. Ha.
Apparently I should only start these journal entries when I
have time to write the whole thing, b/c yeah...it's late,
and I'll finish this later. :-p