This is me...trying to find myself.
2001-05-24 20:32:34 (UTC)

men..guys...boys...i guess they are useful...

For breaking hearts....

I spose we do need them though...
"We need that they can grow up, get
married..., and turn into shadows."
-Uncle buck

I thought that was funny

Has anyone ever told you that a guy liked you? weel
thats happened to me...but like, it was his little brother.
I mean i guess, nwo that I've thought about it, I like him.
And so like everytime he passes me i try to like
act "cool" liek tlak to someone so that i don't
look like a loser.
Why does everyone think they hafta impress other
people? It makes me angry. And then when trying to impress
them people, they usually make a fool of them
selves...luckily I have'nt yet.
Well anyways...this guy, who's brother says he likes
me, name is Michael (lol so is my moms....nvrmnd its a
whole other story) and I think he's cute. I mean i liked
him when i ws in 5th grade.
Now I'm in 7th. He's in 8th but still. I've always
gone out with younger guys...My b-day is dec 23 so
like..yeah....and well one time i went out with a 6th
Maybe older guys might be little more mature...prolly
not, but still.
Well I don't have anything else to say accept..I have
no idea about what to do....and it's making me mad. leaving now...
But please...I need advice!