lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-12 03:11:22 (UTC)

8th grade ska

ok so i was fishing through old CDs yesterday, and i found
my beloved aquabats CD. oh my word. 8th grade was worth
it simply because i was in love with these songs. haha
some of them are actually not psycho...even though my
personal favorite is "the cat with two heads". here are a
few of the more normal ones...

Funny faces in sunny places
Being in love it feels so great
And all I need is two ingredients:
My buttercup and the perfect place

Me and you, here's what we'll do
Walk hand-in-hand into Lovers' Land (ahh)
You're the best and I can't resist
A kiss on the lips (ahh aaahhh)

Don't talk, just watch the world go by
As we float away in slow motion
So special, it's so special
You the girl i see, I am your boy to be

I'm so happy
I'm so happy
That I'm a boy and you're a girl alright
I'm so happy
i'm so happy
I'm overjoyed
We're gonna hang out tonight

I can't walk, can't move
Because i'm paralyzed by your love
And that's OK by me
I'm so happy, I'm so happy
It's real great
We're lovers of loving love
Lovers of loving love

It's so hip to give you a kiss
And taste cherry chapstick (ahh)
It's our secret, our little secret
We'll never tell

Here's something to think about
When things go wrong all the time
That luck can change like that high tide
Bad things can soon turn out alright

Misfortune, a tradgedy
I can't seem to mind
Soon good will happen
If you look you just might find

So when you think this is the end
Good things are just around the end
Again, bad things are just a sign
Good things will happen in due time

And with each passing day
So goes another life
Everybody wants to live
Some people want to die
So close your eyes
'Cause it's alright to say
Hello, Goodnight

So if this is to be our time
Just think of what we left behind
Will they say good of you to last
Or lose the memory of you fast?

Forever and ever
A wonderful thing
Will someone be grateful
For what we tried to bring?

It's late....
But just remember then
This day will never come again

Everybody wants to live
Some people want to die
So close your eyes
'Cause it's alright to say
Hello, Goodnight

Popcorn, hot dog buns, and hamburger patties
All the food you need to feed the many hungry
Millions of people want in to my party
But it’s invite only
And you’re on the list baby

-Your pool rips!
I cleaned it yesterday
-Girls look cute!
In their swimming suits
-Holy Guacamole!
We’ve got chips!
So come on take a dip
‘Cause my pool rips

It was a pool party for the cool kids at my school
It was a pool party for the cool kids at my school
It’s so cool in my pool
Yeah yeah yeah

Pool party baby
It was a cool party
Cool pool party
La la la la
Pool party baby

The ratio of girls to guys is five to one
There hasn’t been a party like this since 1981
Come to my party let the games begin
We’ve even got floaties if you can’t swim

I love you girl, you know it’s true
To have a super party in my swimming pool
Jump on in and you will see
Just how fun a pool party can be
But don’t eat too much before you swim
‘Cause you might get a cramp under your chin
Someone’s screaming, that’s not cool
Who threw that Reggie Bar in the pool?
Ronnie, Sally, Bobby and Mike
It’s my pool party, we'll do what we like!

As one sits and waits
For something to happen
I too sat and waited for you to call
Well, I waited too long and thought
Hey maybe I should call you
But by then you had already gone.

It's Friday night, I wanted to go out
I didn't want to go to no show
Didn't want to cruise main street
I didn't want to go to no disco (no no)
I just wanted you to come over
Sit on the couch and hold me tight
But you went out with some dumb jock
And left me alone
With my skateboard tonight

Now I'm out on my skateboard
And I'm pushing so hard
I'm pushing so hard
I want to see if I can see
If you're still home
But the lights aren't on
And you were gone
So on my way home alone
I took a short cut through the park
And just my luck
You were sitting in his truck
You were making out
With him In the dark!

Why'd you go and change your mind?
You can pick and choose
But with him you're gonna loose
Every time