life in borderspace
2002-04-12 02:26:13 (UTC)

The Days

Beleive it or not I do remember a day when thongs were a
lot more fun than they are now. I'm not sure how I have
managed to be miserable and content at the same time but
there you have it. Interestingly enough I think it is
split completely down the middle. I don't feel indifferent
about everything. In fact my professional life is really
humming along quite nicely. I am feeling fufilled and
appreciated at my place of employment. I know that I
actually make a difference in people's lives. I think I
have actually found an area where my compassion and empathy
are not a hindrance but in fact a quality that is sought
after and lacked in many others. The other half of my life
I can't really say is affecting me at all right now. Oh
sure I can talk a good game but I really am indifferent to
the whole process at the moment. It is fun to let other
people make all the decisions and easier to let them think
that they are getting away with all their cheap shots and
petty blows. It is fun to watch them think that they are
sitting their up on righteous mountain looking down on all
us scruds when the actuality is that they wallow down here
with the rest of us. There is very little that sets one of
us apart from another and the things that do are all
subjective. Anyone who thinks differently must have a
profound reason to think they're so different....but isn't
any reason profound...really. But here I am poo pooing
about people whe really we are who we are and life goes on.
I do know, however, that when life goes on I will be there
for the ride. Life's rating these days??? Happy and
excited. Ready to open life up again and take 'er for a

And that's who in the blue hell I would think I was if I
weren't on hiatus!!