Procrastination is Key
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2002-04-12 02:14:08 (UTC)

its 10 o'clock... and I'm takin a break!

Been studying a couple hours for my ecology test that will
be taking place at 10 tomorrow. Of course I just started
these 2 hours ago b/c the last week I have not been able to
get ahead on anything and have been getting things done one
thing at a time as was absolutely necessary. Take, for
example, my chem lab report. Started at 1pm, finished
approx 5:30 pm and turned it in at 6pm- whew! But today was
check out so I won't be working all day on reports any more
for this semester. So anyway= I'm really tired of actually
doing something= b.c i actually had a test this morning as
well. It was geology and I think I did pretty well- not as
unsure about as many questions this time I believe. I have
done relatively well on the first 2 tests in ecology, so
hopefully I wont blow it with this one. Must stay up late
tonight I guess- but I am going home this weekend and have
no real plans- so I guess that means lots of sleep;)
A tragedy struck this week- turned my computer off tue
night- ya know, being a good girl and keeping distractions
to a minimum. Well, it wouldn't turn back on, so i take the
computer into the computer center thing- whatever its
called. I think their remedy for most things is a new hard
drive, so thats what I got- however I have nothing backed
up, so at the moment my computer is sooo boring- I am just
sad that I lost my songs and sounds- plus cool screen savers
and wallpapers- not to mention all the away messages that I
had saved on IM!!!:( OHHHH the pain- i just realized that I
had some special conversations saved too:'( Anyway- need to
get back to studying- just decided to take a short break
after I got of the phone with some hot boy;)