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2001-05-24 19:08:45 (UTC)

red and yellow black and white. . . race distinction in christian music

in my race class today, i think there's a girl in there who
thinks i'm a racist. she's really offbase. i think she got
the impression because when we talk about racism, i don't
really say anything. i don't say anything for a few
reasons. firstly i think that racism is ridiculous and
wrong, but i don't have anything original to say regarding
that. also in this particular class we talk about "ethnic"
people, meaning anyone who's not white and that they are all
the victims and that all racism is whites being prejudiced
against people of color which i don't find to be true at
all. i am a white girl. fine. i live in a city. fine. i
get treated like shit alot of the time based on the fact
that i am a white college girl who can afford to live in a
certain area. it really goes both ways. in addition to
even that, they say "ethnic" meaning non-white, but
ethnicity is culture, background, language, soul, whatever,
and everyone has an ethnicity. so its not fair to say that
white people do not have an ethnicity. and another thing.
i am white i guess, my dad's not white, but i dont'really
look like him. he's dark tan/red, he's adopted so we don't
know what his ethnicity is, but i doubt he's anglo. but
whatever, asian people want distinction, good! they should!
if i was from korea i'd want to be korean, not just asian
and so forth, and i think that blacks and whites should be
entitled to that also if we're going to classify down to the
country, but have you ever noticed that white people aren't
german american or french american, they're just white and
black people aren't kenyan american, they're african
american which i guess is better at least than just being
labeled as black. so this race class should prove itself

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