Life as I know it.
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2001-05-24 19:02:49 (UTC)

yes my life is boring

WHY WHY WHY AM I SO BORED???? I think its the whole
unemployment thang happening, but whatever. I've just been
pretty much pissy from last night and waking up to three
painful things helps me be super bitchy.

What did i wake up to?

1. A dog crying cause soem asshole put him on the balcony
i guess before he left and he is crying...not fair to the
dog, not fair to me.

2. Weed wacking by my lovely maintenence men. Oh how I
love to hear weed wacking at 9am.

3. The damned hippies next door woke up and started
screaming and being super loud. (not offending hippies but
oh my god were they loud).

So yeah I am pissed off. Very pissed off. If I could have
devil horns sprouting from mh head and smoke coming out of
my head...i would, just for the fact tahts how pissed off I

So im gonna get a shower and uhhh go do stuff.

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