Thoughts and What Not
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2002-04-11 23:56:32 (UTC)

just getting started...

April 11, 2002. here i am. i'm embarking on the journey in
which so many have already taken. i've created an on-line
journal. however, i'm not so sure if this is what i had
once thought it was...but either way, i think this will be
a cool way to talk about stuff. it seems as though i just
need another outlet in my life, maybe this will be it.

so i'm guessing maybe this will be my journal for those who i don't
know to read. so i'll tell you a little bit about myself. well, i'm
a 16 year old girl, from pittsburgh, pa. i'd like to think i'm pretty
unique. but doesn't everyone? anyways, i'm into pop-punk, emo, and
indie music. so if anyone out there is interested in that, contact
me one way or another. i'm sure this shows my e-mail somehow.
hopefully i'll be able to find a site in which i can have a journal
that is just like a web site. a couple of my friends have those, and
i just want people to know what i have to say, as though it's
important or something.

so today, i met lauren and we walked up to the park. it
was so nice outside. "nice", there's an overused word. how
about it was freaking fantasticly beautiful outside?
anyways, we walked up to the park and just chilled at the
playground. they put some new stuff up there, but it isn't
finished yet. i guess i'll have to go check that out
sometime soon, when i think it's finished. then we just
sat on the ground in the shade watching some little girls
play softball. it was nice. i got a blister on my foot
though from walking in my sandals. and people wonder why i
don't wear sandals in the summer and always wear tennis
shoes. well, my friends, there it is for ya, maybe i've
just had some bad experiences with sandals in the past.
nah, actually i'm feeling the whole sandal scene this
year. maybe i actually won't have that gross sock tan-line.

so tomorrow's supposed to be even nicer than today. can't
wear sandals to school though because we're doing a lab in
chem. and mrs. dostalik's always like "don't wear open toed
shoes...wahhh". eh, it's one day, i'll live. i complain too
much. also, i have to work right after school 'til 7.
there's a waste of an awesome day. hopefully i'll be able
to do something with someone afterwards.

today marks the day that in 2 months i'll be able to get my
license. i highly doubt i'll get it june 11th though. i
just don't think i'll be ready. but watch out, this
summer, is going to rock something fierce.

well, i've written this much, and who knows if it's even
what i let's post this, shall we?