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2002-04-11 23:52:58 (UTC)


Another entry?? WOw.. I, like, almost never update this
anymore.. Man oh man.. I guess I'm that bored.. Well, I
guess I should randomly choose a subject and ramble for you
delight! ^^;

Well...Babs! I don't know.. Hmm.. Today. Well, first I woke
up, finding it was 6:30. hey, thats way too early for me (I
take a shower at night, thanks). So I waited till is was
6:45, then got up and took my clothes from the closet and
brought it to the bathroom with me. I take care of my hygene
(sp?) and my retainer, my hair, and went down stairs and
it's 7:03. I get my backback ready, grad 2 small
strawberries for a little munching and waited for my ride
to get here. I walk through the school, downstairs to the
seventh grade lockers, finding Mar and Lyn waiting for me.
We talked until the bell rung and me and lyn and tiana went
to our class (typing). We had to do lesson 22 and do all
this crap that I don't think I'll ever have to do (what do
you think I'm going to be? a typist/secretary?). I mean, do
writers really have to learn how to make your underlin all
squiggly and stuff?? All I need to know is where the keys
are, how to undo, and blah. Simple things.

Next is Humanities, (one of) the most suckiest classes
ever! Before the second bell rung, Asia forgot there was no
homwroom and came to the class and stood next to me while I
sat in my seat. When ben passed by, she told me, "Oh, god,
he's so hot.." and bleh. Ew. Gross. First, I didn't know
what she meant, then I looked up at him while he passed us
by and said, "Who? Him?? EWW!" Hell I care if he gets all
pissed at me for calling him un-hot (well, hi, it's the
truth). He's mean as it is, that bastard. Hah, a mintue
before the bell, Asia remembered that there was no homeroom
(how mean of me not to remind her) and she just shot right
out of the room. We did our DLW (why don't they just stick
to DOL??) and the stupid latin america packet. Then the
bell rung and I stayed in the classroom (I hate block) and
blah blah.. I'm almost down with my 7-11 packet. then 3rd
period was over and next was math.

Math?? Ugh, stupid algebra and stupid school for not
putting me in trans. like the rest of my friends (except
for mar. they didn't even have the decencies to put me in
the same class w/ her). We skipped 9-3 because all of us
didn't have graphing calculators (did they HAVE to be that
expensive??) and blah. it was boring.

Lunch. It was boring, kinda, and yeah. No more said.

science. Disecting grasshoppers is the most ickiest thing
ever to do (except for worms) so far. daniel had to borrow
my pencil several times. silly boy.

6th period. Do I really have to mention this?? Ahh.. well..
shop. I have absolute no frinds in that class and they are
all preps or nerds or queers or normals. And one little
whore. All I did was spray paint my cat black and put the
finishing on my cd holder. Its all due tomorrow, but the
teacher really needs it on tuesday, so its really due on
tuesday. Oh joy.

Now I go home and here I am. Hi!


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