Luke's Poetic Interview
2002-04-11 23:34:23 (UTC)

a poem about fruits and vegetables

this line is about carrots
this line is about grapes
this line is about tomatoes, the red and juicy ones
this line is the most important
this line doesn't matter
believe it or not, this line doesn't even exist
but this one does.
the next line is the last line of the poem
the rest is just nonsense.

fourteen years on an island alone
and all he had to show for it
was a pile of fish bones
and a tan...
she lived a weary life
of a careered woman in the new world
she carried a knife
when she walked to work...
he was a banker had lots of loot
but nobody to spend it on
so he collected alligator boots
and rare ivory chess pieces...
the last character in our little scheme
was as lost as a mountain goat in the jungle
he was looking for a theme
to tie his life together...
so now comes the part when they all meet each other
in some far away place
with twenty four and a half TV cameras
trained upon their every move
so people at home
can stay inside on their comfy comfy couches
and see what its really like
to live.