I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-11 23:29:18 (UTC)


My throat glands are swollen and sore. Yuck. Sick is not
fun. Had no school today, and I got my tax refund so I
took care fo some bills. That felt really good. Yay. It's
a start. My throat hurts, just so you know. Did I tell you
my throat hurts? It's been sooooo hot here lately. I don't
sleep well when I'm hot, so I haven't been sleeping well.
It's getting to be that time where I complain about living
in Florida.

I'm going to coffee with Jarrod tonight. 8:30. It's a
welcome to Orlando coffee. We're meeting at Borders.
Hmmm...we'll see how it goes. Hope he doesn't hate me. I
have chapped lips as well as a sore throat. Yup. Just
saying. Tomorrow the car is getting washed. How fun. I
wish I could take the truck tonight, but my mom has it
with my bro. Wow, I want that car. It's soooooooo nice.