No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-04-11 23:02:59 (UTC)

my day?

yeah, my day was alright. I got a little frustrated at
Drill when Gallo kept calling me Pittman. I know i'm not
that pretty, but I am NOT THAT ugly. It's ok, she didn't
mean to, all she could see were my feet.
I was playing and hit my head on the driveway, I dont have
any marks or anything.
my mom told me to look out the front window in front of the
mailbox, so I did. the truck looked exactly like my dads, I
was kinda excited but she probably would have called the
Nick has been really down lately. I worry about him, Nick I
worry about you!
Quote (i actually have one)
"she only has one purpose and I'm not that drunk."