Like a book
2001-05-24 17:51:50 (UTC)



i just read a really good matrix fic, one written by a
literary genious who's probably still in highschool. I wish
i could write to that standard but I suppose wishing doesn't
get you anywhere.

Only doing.

Well that's the only way to show you're getting anywhere,
the smartest person in the world could be hiding under our
noses and we wouldn't know it because he or she didn't pass
a few exams when they were 18. god that sucks, sitting
there, all that wisdom locked in the mind.

Somethig sad happened today, or was it yesterday, I really
can't remember, it all seems a bit of a blur.

My mum said that the old man who walks every day only walks
because of the pain, the pain that starts when he stops,
he's going to die soon. And then my mum said something
really heart wrenching "He used to be so cheerful"

With sick people like that in the world I don't deserve to
be healthy. Well I am over weight so I guess technicaly i'm
not healthy.

I think the inner child is awaking inside of me. There is
the lack of responsibility that I'm taking on in terms of
revision for the exams and there's what happened at the

I was walking along the aisle, looking for a cerial. They
all seemed so similar, wheat, oats, 1001 different flavers
of muesli and other things. I was trying to figure out what
I wanted when I thought, "Why do all cerials have to follow
the same trend?" And again with the thinking of something to
get when it hit me.

I wanted something different to the bran flakes and lack of
taste that i've grown so used to.

I wanted to break from the norm.

I wanted coco pops. There's a box of it in my cupboard as I
type and i'm very confused as to ow I can be so, out of
myself, I really wish I could incorporate italics in to
this, but no, unfortunately I can't.


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