my so called life
2001-05-24 17:33:12 (UTC)

I'm still alive!! :)

So, it's been about a month.. What can I say?
Nothing much has been happening, really
School has been harder than ever this month, and I haven't
done so well as I hoped, my grades aren't as good as they
used to. They're still great, but I've got these high
expectations.. I'm so demanding.. :(

Anyways, the party I was telling you about the last time I
wrote was great. Everyone got drunk, but my house
survived:D My parents were totally okay with it when they
returned too.
Ben was rather friendly that night, actually I think he
made a pass at me. But it was getting late and he was
wasted and I was almost sober, so I didn't take advantage
of it.. I don't mean that if I had it would have been like
I used him or anything, but it would have been awkward the
next day. Lucy told me that after the Christmas Prom he
said that it would have been totally embarrassing if
something had happened, us being friends and all. And
there he was, flirting, holding me. Lucy thinks he fancies
me, I think he was drunk. Got the cutest message from him
yesterday, though. His cute jokes are going to kill me one
day, I swear.
I've been getting phonecalls and messages from Tom the last
two weeks. I don't know what he's up to, I just play along
till he gets too close. Then I just pull back. I don't know
what else to do, I really don't need to get back in that
mess again.
Today is Ascension Day, which is a public holiday. No
school, everything's closed, nothing to do. Haven't seen
Steve for a while, I hope things are going better with him
and Geri, she never tells me if anything's wrong. It's
like "oh, we're so great" and the next month she tells me
that things have been bad, but they're getting better now.
She doesn't want to edmit that their relationship has gone
way too far, it's time to move on now. Everyone but they
can see that. Heard some rather shocking news about Steve.
It's really no good, I disrespect him even more now, but it
eases some of the pressure on me. I guess that didn't make
much sense.
Lucy's going out again tonight, I'm so sick of them going
out every weekend. I have to stay home cause I don't wanna
try to get in. It's my own fault, but I wish they wouldn't
go out every weekend.
Ben, Steve and Geri don't go out so often, but I'm getting
sick of them. I'm so stupid.

Only a month till the summerholidays!! Can't wait! :)
Bye for now :)