Lora's Uncensored Thoughts & Opinion
2002-04-11 21:32:41 (UTC)

Life as of 4-11-02

So I didn't come back last night...I went to bed. And
Listented to my new Beatle CDs! :-)

Well it was quite alright. Watched Armageddon, in science,
which was nice.
Drama was alright. We get to start with some play Monday,
but the good thing is we don't have to act just read.
Which is good because I suck at acting. I much rather be
doing the music then up on stage trying to remember my
lines! The rest of my classes suck so there is no need
talking about them! But I do have homework on my 3-day
weekend...Math...I hate it!
Today was a little odd though. My friend Mandi, she has
changed! See awhile back her mom said we had to split up,
our friendship had to end. Because I was SUCH a bad
influence! I was not. But her mom believed I was the
cause of HER bad grades so my best friend was gone now. We
had such a great friendship. Now it was out the window.
Well now that her mom saw that it wasn't me. She can talk
to me again. But it's just not the same! And I
think...this is going to sound concedited...but I think her
being away from me changed her. I think we complimented
each other very well. I doubt we will ever get that
friendship back to what it was. But ya never know!
Okay, that's enough for now. My fingers hurt. But I will
be back later because I have no school tomorrow so
therefore I shall stay up till the sun comes out tomorrow!
Oh, one more thing......

BlondeGuy, I haven't seen some of them but I do like Sean
Connery and Dustin Hoffman. I also love horror movies! I
think my favorite horror movie is Phantasim...ya know the
one with the Dark Man! I still haven't seen the final
Wow! I would have loved to been through the 60s. Even
with the hard times, and lack of technology that we have
today. I still rather be there! I would have been one of
those hippies at woodstock in 69! HAHA!!


...:*Hippie Chick 2002*:...
Date: April 11, 2002
Time: 4:28pm
Song:All I've Got To Do ~ Beatles
Thought: I think I may watch Wizard of Oz!

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