living life
2002-04-11 21:25:49 (UTC)

Great Day

WOW!! Its an amazing day outside. The weather is
perfect and everyone is laying out and playing catch and
having fun. I was out for about 3 hours and I think Im a
tad bit burnt now but I dont mind I like to be burnt. I got
my Massage Therapy school stuff in the mail today so I
have to figure out what Im gonna do with that stuff. Kelly
and Kevin disappeared to Finlday today at like 2 and
still aren't back so hhhuum wonder we they are. Imight
go to cleveland with kevin but he hasn't said anything to
me about it yet. I talked to Nate for a little bit today and it
was ok. I upset him last night becaue I worry to much,
Its not like I meant to...thats just part of me. I've come to
the conclusion that Im gonna stop being so paranoid
and if he likes me that's great and if he doesn't well....I'll
live it's not the first time this has happened. well I have
to go I have to meet kevin outside for dinner..BYE