1 day in a life as it dies
2002-04-11 20:45:35 (UTC)

my dream

ok I have had this dream for awhile well bits of it and I
got done with it last night and I am going to write it all
on here right now

well to start off with in the dream I am a half-bred
vampire, my mom had an affair with a vampire and I was born
from it, so anyway I grow up as a normal kid until I am
about 8 or 9 and my real father came to my window and told
me what I was but left a lot out he was in a hurry so he
left and I went after him and saw what looked like him
being burned to death thats the first part of the dream the
main facts I am telling you an leaving out the years that
go on flashing in and out thought the dreams, ok then it
comes up to a few weeks ago and I meet a werewolf who helps
me understand a little more of what I am then one night my
true father comes back and I meet him again with 2 other
vampires and 2 weretigers I kill everyone but 1 tiger and
my father I just mess him up really bad I fall madly in
love with the werewolf but fear sets in cuz I have the
power to control wolfs and that means her so I stop useing
all powers I stop drinking blood I stop everything almost
killing myself she sees this and begs me to stop and tells
me that that hurts worse then anything that I could do to
her so I do and I start on pigs blood slowly so as not to
go unto blood lust and everything starts to go so well
until one day (which is the dream I had last night) my
father came back and held in with his mind so I could no
attack he took me to a large hall with no windows all black
everything was black but it had a red carpet running down
the middle we walked down that until it stoped then 6
vampires in robes came out told me their names and who they
were they were a cousel the cousel of all vampires and they
had been watching me for sometime half-breds are rare and
most just want to kill other vampires they dont use their
powers like I had so they wanted to question me they did
and they told me that the weakest of the vampires that had
been with my father during the attack had been what they
thought at the same level of power I was boy where they
wrong and they knew it and were sorry but they still didnt
understand how I had gotten more powerful in a 400 year old
vampire they gave me a choice to stay with them or die
there was something wrong with the whole thing something
that wasnt right so I told them that I didnt want anything
to do with them I had known some of their costoms and knew
what I could do for them to do this, then they told me what
I feared most they said if I didnt join them or fight their
stongest vampire to the death they would kill the werewolf
I loved so much, that got my blood boiling and started to
fly a few inchs off the ground to the leaders face nose to
nose I told him to kiss my ass and to bring on the stongest
so now in my dream I have until the full moon to train and
then on the full moon I live or die in a fight to the death
she doesnt know yet and I am afried to tell her

if I remimberd more it would make a good book.... to bad
its just a dream