SuGaR RuSh
2002-04-11 20:00:03 (UTC)

hehehehehehehe :)

2 day is great its so nice out and im gunna meet marty
straka 2 nite yayayayayayyayaya this kid pushed my bro down
a hill and i like went fuckin nuts on him
lol...hmm..yesterday was funny me n missy and big b...oh
ya..shes talking 2 me now...we all walked home from was really funny the fone rang AGAINNNN ahhhhhh
and missy went home so me n big b chilled @ my house and me
n her n mike chilled 2 it was funny...we walked 2 burger
king and he bought us food..what a nice kid lol ive been in
the best mood like all week its soooo great i think cuz its
so nice out and my bday is next week and so is the *nsync
concert and i think cuz i dont have 2 worry bout
guys...thats mostly it i im walkin down the
hall and i dont have 2 worry bout mike or don its greattt!!
well i think callies commin down and im gunna meet marty
soon im outtie (that was pure