What's up now?
2002-04-11 19:18:39 (UTC)


LOOOOOVE is in the air!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! It's soo
georgeous outside today!!! I love it :) I even had to
take an exam today and I totally didnt mind!!!! Erin and I
dressed up today, so that was awesome!!! I felt soo good,
it was unbelievable!!! hehe :) So tonight is DAve pelzer,
we're going to hear him speak, then it's off to Kaya to
hear Fat kid empathy and Hopefully Seth play!! Last night
Erin Rachel and I had a sleepover, tons of fun had by
all :) We just sat up and talked for a long time, erin and
I watched lifetime originals, and Ripley's Believe it or
not...It was very nice :) Ahh...things are finally feeling
normal again...Some stuff is messed up, but I;m doing what
I'm supossed to be doing this time right!? I'm HAVING
FUN!!! I feel like I'm 12 years old and I'm soo
carefree!!! It's GREAT!!!! Hmmm...I have some packing to
do tonight though, I have to start moving out tomorrow, so
I need to get somewhat organized! Then it's off to Okemos
to chill with the girls(maybe erin and her friends will be
there too, or maybe just her and Mary) and it's going to
hopefully be a night fully of drinking, talking, and FUN!
Saturday hopefully erin and I are going to go shopping, I'm
going to study, and maybe I'll make the treck to
stockbridge for the night if there's nothing going on in EL
for us to do!!! Hmm..I'll be back here sunday for what
looks like it will be a busy but hopefully NICE week!! If
the weather stays like it is now, EVERYONE will be excited
to be here!!! Okay so enough of my spasedness...Have fun
everyone!!! HAPPY SPRING!!!!