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2002-04-11 19:08:11 (UTC)

Blue Skies

"Blue Skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I

Yea, I wish that was how I felt right now! I'm sooo not
feeling good. I wish I could go home (I'm still at school)
but I have to rehearse with Chamber Singers and then I have
a sound check. I might get to go home for a little while
after that, but just to change and get ready for my
performance tonight. Uggg. I feel like crap. Would someone
plaese just shoot me and put me out of my misery? Grrr...
there I go agian. Okay, right now I should be doing a book
review on Lord of the Rings, but I can't concentrate. I
feel like everything's hazy around me. Like I've been
poisoned or something. Yea, I know, weird, but that's how I
feel right now. I need to read some more of the "Bad Kitty"
list. That'll make me laugh. Eff. I hate this feeling,
the "I know I'm getting sick, but I'm going to fight it and
I'm going to do everything anyways even if it means I get
more sick" feeling. Yup, I think I have a fever, damn you
Frank! Oh well, that's what I get for making out with him
(J/K J/K). We were with him all of Spring Break and he got
us all sick by coughing on us and even just being around
us. Errr!!! I'm gonna kill him!!! I don't want to dance
today, but it's Jazz, i like Jazz, and if Alia can make it
to all three of her jobs and rehearse for competition while
practically dying, then I can bear one hour of class while
i'm starting to get sick. Besides, "it's good to dance when
you're sick, it builds stamena." Alia always tells us stuff
like that. I'm so sleepy. Well, that seemed like a short
period, I'm gonna go now.