The lost little girl
2002-04-11 17:58:55 (UTC)

hello all...

well you guess it ..it's thursday which mean it's kareoke
night...YAY...anyways...i got another call from greg today
and he's gonna try and make it tonight ..well..i hope he
does cuz crystal wants to meet him....yeah yeah..i
know...doesn't sound like much..but it is to me.
i had the strangest dream last night. i was in a car and
eric was sitting next to me driving. and ( for all those who
know where i mean ) right by the lake...you can either take
north main or just follow lake st. all the way out
there...where the church is with the parking lot across the
street..you know. the blinking yellow light. well we were
in that parking lot. and he kept banging into other cars.
like..on purpose..and he was laughing his ass off..and i was
so scared..i woke up completely freaked out.
well i don't have much more to say so i am gonna jet.i will
talk to you later...byebyebye and love you- janie

daily quote:
"is that a real mouse jeff?"- crystal
"no..wait...um..yes"- jeff

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