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2002-04-11 17:09:09 (UTC)

Holocaust!ahhh scary shit!

Ok here we go again. Eww I have to facilitate on medical
experimentations during the holocaust for a class. I don’t
want to its so depressing and it makes me so angry., and sad
at the same time. The most disturbing thing that I have
read so far has been, this woman retelling of watching her
daughter being raped by dogs that the Germans trained "
specially for this task". Now tell me how sick is that.
Very sick. Yeah and I have to facilitate on that and all
the other atrocities conducted in the name if medial
Well anyways, I decided am not smoking pot anymore. Well
am not smoking pot by myself. I have decided that it’s a
group activity. LoL I know, I know, but hey I tried, but I
quit regular tobacco smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in
2 weeks. Be proud going cold turkey and succeeding. Oh yeah.
Am sure I can stop smoking pot, I don’t do it everyday I
just do it once in while. So its all good. ^_^ . Hmm all
girl schools are funny. Me and my friends were just
talking about it. But a m not going to go into it (which is
really stupid since I mentioned it in the first place). Oh
my good Ebony is such a spaz. So were at dinner me, Mary,
Karen, Lauren,( Lauren is going out with Elaine’s brother
Thomas who used to go out with ebony so because he going out
with Lauren ebony hates her. She doesn’t even know her, but
anyways ebony hate us all because we didn’t take her side.)
well we are all at dinner and she walks in she sees us
and then she gets this really funny look and pretends to be
all high an mighty and arrogant. Its really funny. She
walks all funny to with her nose all in the air, like a
haughty princess it really quite entertaining. It was hard
not to laugh at her we all tried but at the end we couldn’t
help it we all started laughing. ( wel it was more like snikering
than aout right laughting)

Well anyways I wish she wasn’t like that but it cant be
helped. I think its sad that she stopped talking to all of
her friends over nothing, its really sad because no one did
anything to her she actually hurt everyone’s feelings by
being all weird and ignoring everyone. We were all in
shock. Up to today we don’t know why she decided to stop
talking to Elaine they were like so close that’s were it all
started. Elaine up to today does not know why ebony stopped
talking to her. Oh well, that ebony’s problem.

Were are the boys were are they. Why are they not here. Its
so boring here. I actually wrote a paper that is due
tomorrow today. See I usually write response papers right
before the class. Usually the hour before the class, but I
had nothing better to do so I did like 30 min ago, now that
is scary. it’s the first time all semester hell all year.
Am scared ( no not really but Its really weird) I am the
greatest procrastinator in the world.

Now am wasting time writing for this thing I call a diary.
Am so nervous I don’t want to go to therapy. But I think I
have to my weird sleeping patterns are starting to interfere
with school. Like last night I went to sleep at 10 and I
woke up at 10 30 because I had a class at 11 after class I
was really sleepy so I went o sleep and did not wake up
until 3 pm I could have been doing something like homework
but I didn’t. you know I wasted all that time doing nothing
and I really shouldn’t have been sleepy since I had a
goodnights sleep and every thing. Its really weird. I know
I don’t need therapy, but I keep getting these annoying
calls asking when am going to make an appointment.