Pure, White and Cold
2001-05-24 12:59:05 (UTC)

Like the Rising of a Wave


I borrowed Final Fantasy 9 from Sally at school. My brother
told me that we have an emulator so we can play PlayStation
games on our computer. My other brother said that we
didn't. Oh well... the graphics looked darn cool too.

Went to school, the usual. It was Thursday today so we had
sport in the arvo. Bored. My friends are drifting apart...
and it took me ages to find nice and funny friends who
aren't prejudice about me or my background. Do you know how
hard it is to find people who understand you? My mum
doesn't, so she thinks its alright to move to the city and
away from The Group (c) that I hang out with.
"Don't worry dear, you can make friends easily, and if you
don't we'll throw a big party and you can invite your whole
class to come! There, easy!"

My exams are coming up and I finally got my timetable. Its
not too bad. All the important ones are set apart so I have
time to cram study and all that. I'm no longer that worried
about maths. The weekends are coming up and I'll do extra,

I'll be busy during the exams so I probably won't write
then. We have Oni on the other computer, and I can hear my
brother, John hacking away at the keys.

I scribbled pictures all over my maths book (in jap anime
form) and had to rip out the pages before my maths teacher
saw them, or my mum. Some looked pretty cool. Pity I can't
put them up on the internet. Most were fan pictures of
characters in books, what I thought they looked like, you
know, stuff like Mara of the Acoma, Lujan, Arakasi,
Papewaio, Arithon s'Ffalenn, Lysaer s'Ilessid, Elaira,
Dakar, Amber of the Liveships, Tintaglia, and the sea
serpants. The usual.

Elizabeth has the wierdest little brother. He so odd, I
mean really, listern to this; Liz got up at 6:30 am this
morning to go to school and she was all ready and was in
her room brushing her hair. Suddenly she hears this "yip
yip" coming from Edwawrd's room. And then straight after
that; "ELIZABETH! You woke me up!!!" Her mum enters the
room and says "I've got a complaint about you waking Edward
up with your "yip"-ing" and Liz is like, "what?!"
And then later, her mum is in the kitchen making their
lunch and Edward starts screaming "MUM! MUM!" And her mum
goes into his room; "what the hell do you want, Edward, I'm
very busy, so hurry up." "Not right now, but later, I want
you to go next door and pick up the money from the dead guy
who just got shot and is on the veranda." (WOT?)
Liz's bottle leaked and her whole bag got soaked in orange
juice, her mum was going to wash it but she forgot, so Liz
wanted to borrow Edward's bag which is exactly like her
except a different colour. And he is standing in front of
the cuboard and pratically growling at her. "Come on
Edward, just for today," she says and then he does a rugby
tackle on her and starts beating her up! Dignity!! So Liz
is on the floor getting the living day-lights wacked out of
her. She crawls out yelling "OK! OK! I don't need your
bag!" And the response: "GOOD!" There is Silence, And
then: "Yip Yip".
Shesh, talk about psychopathic, they should make a movie on
the freak, with a title like; "My Brother, Ed." or

After school today, me and Shiori was walking to the bus
stop and we stopped to listern to Tanya talking to Alison.
The conversation went something like this:

T: Don't you ever see a really cute guy and think "growl"?
A: What? Why?
T: I don't know, just for the sake of it.
A: No.
T: Bloody hell, you people have no hormones! Come on, get
A: *LOL* That's silly.
T: Its my fifteenth birthday soon.
A: Yeah? That's good.
T: I've been out with three guys so far.
A: ?Who?
T: Steven, Simon and (someone I don't remember)
A: Steven? Simon? Aren't they your friends?
T: Yeah, so it felt kinda of odd. Not like a date but more
like a outing.
A: Expect so.
T: Hey, don't you ever check out a guy's butt?
T: Yeah, like, you ask them to get something for you and
while they walk away, you check out their butt and rank it.
Like, hmmm... a 6 out of 10, maybe.
A: Er, okay....
T: Oh, look, there's Steven, Hey! Steven! Can you get me a
drink from the canteen?
A: NOOO! Steven, Don't!
S: No.
A: She was going to rank your ass.
S: Er, great.
T: Hey, come on, turn around.
S: No, I'm afraid of what you'll give me.
A: What about Simon? What did you think of his?
T: Simon? Simon has a nice butt. 8 or 9 out of 10.
S: I'll tell him you said that.

Tanya is really, really wierd. I'm pretty sure that in
Religious Studies, she was coming on to me and Nadia.

Have food tech tommorow, urck! I hate food tech! Its okay
if you do it for a term but don't do it for a whole YEAR!!!!

The Group has really grown:

1. Anne Colenbrander
2. Elizabeth Hobbs
3. Stephanie Glover
4. Shiori Asai
5. Paola Ortiz-twin
6. Fabiola Ortiz-twin
7. Nadia Atlee
8. Sally Nam
9. Lauren Potts
10. Gayatri (SPL?!)
11. Katherine
12. Neshay
13. Arti
14. Lisa
15. Iris
16. Freda
17. Alison
18. Cassie
19. Jessica
20. MEEE!!!

There's probably more, but I can't think of any at the
moment. Also a few spelling mistakes on the names.

Steph didn't come to school, today. There's only two
reasons I can think of; she took her bracers off three days
ago and now her teeth have moved again so her mouth hurts
and that could one reason, she needs frames on her teeth.
The other reason is that her cat, Rastith (spl) died the
day before yesterday and she is recovering from the shock.
He started vomitting all of a sudden, so she took him to
the vet and they said he had a tumour in his kidney and
needed to be operated on, Then something happened and they
couldn't stop the bleeding so they put him down, which I
think is horrible although I do know that that would be
better that to let him suffer longer than needed. But he
died really suddenly and I think Steph is still emotionally
unsure. Woah! Techy use of the language, dude.

Hmmm... okay! Before I sign off, here's a list!

Top favourite male characters from computer games, anime,
books and other stuff. Not in order.

Death (he's male, right?)
Luggage!! (?hmm?)

War of Light and Shadow:

Robin Hobb's two series
Nighteyes (ok, so he's a wolf, but he's the smartest)

Empire Series:
The Emperor... (name begins with 'I')

Lord of the Rings:

Harry Potter:
(incidently, did you know that JK Rowling is getting a law suit for
copying some-else's ideas?)

Final Fantasy 6:

Final Fantasy 7:

Final Fantasy 9:

Chrono Trigger:
Alfador (is he a he?)




Tokyo Babylon:
Kakyou (...)


Magic Knights Rayearth:
Wai!!! I don't remember their names! How horrible! It was
ages since I last read it....
(geezer aged kid magician)
(begins with 'z'. "evil guy" of first series.)

Fushigi Yuugi:



Marionette Generation:
sorry, don't know their names apart from Lunch
(drawer- main character)

AND that's it!
Bye Bye, and wish me luck in my exams!

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