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2002-04-11 11:28:17 (UTC)

last match

tomolo will be the last match that we will be playing...
both of our teams have lost... how i hope that we can play
two more matches... all of us are sad. including him...
besides feeling sad, i felt bad for him too... he neber so
sad before... why? how i hope i can console him... but... i
really don't know...
how i hope he that he can like mi... but it seems to be so
tomolo is our last match...
i hope that i can enjoy it... we will be goin to Seoul
garden to eat... wonder whether he will go... but i hope he
really can
it seem to be the last tiem that we can get together u
see... next time it would be hard to meet up with him.. i
cannot possibly ask him out right... no mroe vball..cannot
use trainning as a excuse to see him.. sigh

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