Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-04-11 10:15:22 (UTC)

Im an "adult" now

HI!!!its 6:06am, im up not b/c i have to be just b/c i woke
up, i have a weird sleep schedule. Hmmm...ok well yesterday
was my first day at the adult high school, i love it. I get
a ten minute break every hour, where i can go outside and
smoke and the teachers see me smoking and talk to me, and
its cool with them, its awesome. I go to school when i want
come home when i want. I have two classes math and english
and if i get the work done with math since i already took
it ill get the credit, and i need to get 52 hours in and
get the work done for english to get that credit, then ill
start on my other ones.NO HOMEWORK EITHER EVER!! I have to
take two busses to get to school though, it takes an hour,
which is ok, cuz it gives me alone time to think and stuff.
Im learning more on the guitar, im starting to get more
comfortable with the fingerings, my hands are small so i
really have to arc them to reach the frets.Ya know,
yesterday i was playing a little metallica, and i got done
and looked in the mirror in the bathroom, and my eyes
looked funny, and i realized they look just like my dads,
and i thought my dad would be really proud if he knew i was
playing metallica on guitar, he loves metallica and plays
guitar...i really miss him, real bad off...i dont know why,
he's an asshole, but he's the closest thing to a double of
me, and i feel like i need him.*sigh* i just got done with
biscuits and gravy from hardees nummm. I need to stay in
school for a month then get a paper saying i can get a
permit, then go for the written test (ill pass) and get my
permit, have that for 180 days 6 months, so ill have my
license gonna get a job prolly at big
boy, and get some money saved and my mom will match my
money for a car. whoo hooo...I need to get movin, i need a
car. Well im out for now.

Song:so happy together *punk cover*