Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-05-24 11:38:19 (UTC)

It's Coming.......

okay, so I said I'd write in cloumbus. Well.... I'm not in
columbus but I'm still writing. Got that?? :) There is so
muc packing and the rental van hasn't arrived yet. I think
its going to be cool, at least I hope so!! :) It better
have good A/C or I'm complainin!! 'Cause we have a good
car 'cept it only sits 4 and we have 5 to seat. :) New
subject..... Kris I think want to go with katie and she
wants to go out with him. Same with andy and lauren I
think.I shoulda called the girlz before they left for
skool, bu it's 7:55 and school starts @ 8:15 so I bet they
already left. Poop. I'll call them from the hotel
then, 'cause I'm gonna miss them sooo much. cantbeive ts
over memorial day weekend. I coulda done something with
them. But the wedding is 100x more importan,so I'm
prioratizing! :) I dont think I spelled that right :). Oh,
you know that lady maradlade song? Well, a kid in homech
was singin it and the teacher yelled @ him for singin
an "non school" song. She said it says "will you go to bed
with me tonight" in french. I think she doesnt want it sung
because she knows that aint happin'. Well, I g2g finish
packin, i'll write later! :) -Ashley-