It's ok to be crazy
2002-04-11 09:01:59 (UTC)

2 years

today is the 2 year anniversery of mike's death. it's weird
how fast it all goes by. and how everything changes and yet
remains the same. it is all just really strange. i woke up
not wanting to live. this is the one day of the year that i
am aforced to deal with what happened and all the
responsibility that comes with it. the rest of the i just
ignor and i just feel like it is my duty to go out and see
people. to organize a bon fire for everyone to get to
gether and remember mike and to call people i would never
otherwise talk to just to let them know that i care and to
make sure they are doing alright. i am the one who is
always doing that. i just wish that once someone would do
that for me.
maybe it is a little selfish but i deserve to be selfish
after all of that. but what can you do. thats just the way
it is and the the way it will always be. i will be the one
caring for everyone with nothin for me in return.
i am so ever it.