Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-05-24 11:06:12 (UTC)

Hope slurpee at the 7

Ok on to more positive things wear I live has the most
beautiful sky its unreal and Im so close to it,When I went
to kirkwood last week I swear we drove right into the
un real but this is really about when I leave for work in
the drive way stressing cause Im late but as soon as I pull
out its all changed and the drive to work is unreal its
only a few moments no traffic out here and the smogless sky
is WOW thats it ok have you ever heard orb Fluffy little
clouds thats it thats where I live its unreal that I just
now caught it but that pretty much speaks the beauty, way
better than I could ever express. So if you ever here it
that song has this relaxing almost hipnotic sound to it
thats the sky that blankets my world as we speak.
Went to the 7 and some girl Id never met offered to buy
me a slupee how could I denie such a strange yet harmless
offer so we sat on the crub she knew I was from cali before
I even spoke two words,She was cute and had some sense of
fashion, out here dressed up seems to be anything that
doesnt have holes in it or a pick and pull shirt w/o stains
(Hey this town isnt as bad as I make it sound)She said she
was almost raised here 14 of her 20 years and she was dying
to get out which made me like her instantly said she went
to NY when she was 15 only for a few days but but when she
came home everything had changed and she longed with all
her essence and heart to see anything but this place.
I know I should have probly thought what a sad story what
a miserable life and all that other shit youd think Id see
with the mood Ive been in but no I saw hope and wanting and
a thousand other things in this girl and I felt good to
know that some one cares wants more longs for somthing and
isnt just numb to it all settling for it all.
She spoke of a plan and a little money save.This is the
point where normally I just tell someone to pack up and
leave cause you know all that somday Im gonna get there
doesnt really cut it with me Im kinda a just go person
fate will guide you and Ive never wound up any where that
wasnt fun and new and different yes even the joint was the
same to me Loved it. A few years ago or even months, before
the Ice queen I would have said shes weak for not being
there all ready but were all different so I understand now
why some people have to wait it out,on the same note though
dont ever let the things that keep you for the moment keep
you forever(yes thats you queenie girl)
the 7 girl just reminded that there are people out there
who are gonna do somthing gonna change there life cause
they arnt heppy with the view instead of just bitching
about it and waking up to it every morning.
Anyway still positive

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