Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-05-24 10:22:03 (UTC)

So the entry from earlyer was..

So the entry from earlyer was typed in like 5 mins on my
way out the door so I hope ya,ll got it I said yall tell me
that aint small town,anyway things are really good here I
dont know why Ive been tripping I trip more on the state of
the world than anything and the future generation the
generation that has mine as roll models what a bunch of mass
confusion and I just trip cause with out school it all
seems way more real that this is how some poeple really
live and its just sad thats all that they dont want more or
need more alls they really need is the next distraction
what ever keeps them from looking at whats really going on
in the world around them,I dont mean any disrespect to the
small town factory workers or dudes who work in mills
I saw it yesterday why, like if youve got that whole family
thing going on thats sweet and thats really respectable
going to work and handling biz and spending time with your
familys I like that.but all these dudes who dont have that
going on and you just do your fucking rad ass job then get
a sixer and shoot play station all nite what kinda life is
that. its like your just sitting aroud waiting to finally
nial some girly and get her preg then Its all decided for
you that shits lame this is written about 5 or 6 dudes I
know really but all across the nation grown boys just like
Fucking step up choose you fate dont just waste away until
its chosing for you.You make me sick your fucking punk
asses probly wont even think about that girl when it goes
down what she wanted what she thinks youll just do as theve
all done before you. youll get hitched and be that half ass
husband that drinks to much and doesnt understand her and
gets frustrated with things she says and will never know
why she thinks this way or that and youll be one of those
dudes that goes wemon who understands them,
Well you might if you asked or took a moment to care
you fucks!
I write this today because I see all stages of it wear I
live the before it happens the 5 years in the 20 years in
the saddness of it the drama that if anyone whould stop and
take a look theyd see or if eveyone would step up things
could be really good.