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2002-04-11 05:20:15 (UTC)

The Birthday is Over

20 years and still a virgin... Woa is me. I'm a reject of the
opposite sex. Oh darn. I know, that's completely awful of me to say.
But oh darn. ^_~ So I'm not a saint. Sorry, Gramma.

Anyways, my birthday was Monday and OH MY GOD! Nikkie isn't a
teenager anymore! Holy shit, there goes my excuse for everything. But
it was a great day! All of my friends and I went out for Chinese, and
that consisted of a party of about 8 people total: Me, Michelle,
Bethany, Holly, Hack, Jason, Jeremy, and Alex. It was great! So much
laughter, and on the trip back to campus, SEXY POOL BOY drove by and
WAVED AT ME! God, BA, you do not know how FINE this man is! Even to
people who HAVEN'T seen him in a speedo! Afterwards, Bethany and
Michelle got me a cookie cake and then we played Resident Evil. It
was fun! Have you seen the movie? It's good!

However, all good things come to an end and so the next day sucked
ass. Business Writing made me rue the day I declared myself to be an
English major and even now, I still feel very worried about my
future. Damn future. I wanna be a college student forever! But my
friends helped me get through it, so now I'm moderately OK. Tonight
for no reason whatsoever, I fell into a depressed schlump, but I had
a nice discussion with Bethany and then I read her paper for Italian
lit and I felt better. Now we're putting in the Saturday Night Live
that David Duchovney hosted. All is right with the world, even though
I'm so apathy towards just about everything is tangible. I have SO
much stuff to do and I'm just not seeing it get done... Ever. Goddess
help me, I just can't make myself care either.

But I'm sustained by that feeling I had on my birthday... that I was
well loved and accepted and that all could be right with the world.
So I'm hanging in there ^__^ Jess is making me an evil fairy costume
too right now and DAMN it's awesome! I love it! It's all black and
tattered and you've gotta see it! I don't have all the money to pay
for it right now, but I'll be paying in increments.

Today was Bethany's birthday! She's 20 too now, so we're both old
farts/spinsters. It's great! I wore the loud shirt which I wore when
stranded at the Millcreek Mall with Heather, 'cause I knew Beth would
like that. Cindy LaCom loved it! She thought it was awesome! A nice
contrast to my mom and brother's reactions: they hated it. I love it
though! It's so bright and loud and comfy ^__^

That's about all from here. I'm gonna watch SNL and read some Yu Yu
Hakusho fan fiction and call it a day. Hopefully I can force myself
to go to classes tomorrow. Beth is making me, so I should be fine!