down in my eyes
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2002-04-11 05:12:10 (UTC)

Hi. wait- you're from...WHERE??

Some doode called James Glynn, called me taday, on
collect call. At first he asked for Mark- so i told him
he has the wrong number.. 'n i was ready to hang up, but
he kept talken. He said he's a jailmate, from some jail
in L.A.. using the payphone.. 'n he needed to get ahold
of his daughter, who lives somewhere in Pomona, 'n if i'd
do him a favor 'n use three way to try to call her for
him. I asked him HOW he got my number, 'n WHY he just
cant call her himself. He said he was so desperate, he
just dialed any random number...(mine).. 'N then he mumbled
something.. about a blocked number,.. so,.. he cant get
thru, by himself. So he asked me, will I?

Being the *good samaritan* i am, i agreed.
When i three-wayed tho, the line told me that number was
no longer in service. I asked him why? (but I dont
remember what he said..). Then we exchanged names. He
then said that he's stuck in jail for awhile. so write
to him? I didnt know what to say, he caught me off guard-
Then the next thing i knew, i was writing down his
address 'n stuffs.. Terminal Annex. He said, write to
him~ 'cos it would be nice to get letters 'n stuff...

I DO know how it feels to want to get letters 'n stuffs,
since i'm leaving to Texas very soon. It WOULD be really
nice, 'n i WOULD reeally like it, if my dearest friends
keep touch, by being pen pals with me..
& Since i was still sorta in awe- I said O.K.

It wasnt until after we hung up tho, did i realize i'd
forgotten to ask him typical questions.. like,.. WHY is he
even serving time???
....ehhh, maybe i'll write him, idunno yet..

Wait-- but.. he's in JAIL right now, tho.