Lora's Uncensored Thoughts & Opinion
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2002-04-11 04:11:31 (UTC)

The First of A New Life

I have no idea why I said that but I did. Get used to it.
I tend to come up with off the wall shit.

Okay. I am going to start off by saying that this is
UNCENSORED....therefore I shall say whatever it is I
I'm about to go to bed, school in the morning but I'm not
tired! Therefore I shall stay up longer! HA HA!

Alright, let's talk about me!
My name is Lora...and I am very independant. I say screw
the whole damn world. The world of people is basically
dumb. I'm not talking about IQ levels here they are just
dumb in general. I think that closed mindedness is one
thing that is dumb!
Where was I?
Yeah me. Okay. I also love music. You will find I speak
lots of music. I love most music. But I think the best
has to be The Beatles! They are the greatest. Their music
and their message really touches me. Speaking of Beatles,
fave Beatle is John Lennon and George Harrison. Okay so
thats 2 Beatles...sue me! Okay okay, not literally!
Oh, you will find that I miss spell lots of things because
1)I can't type worth a shit
2)I can't spell anyway!

What else do you need to know about me? Hmmmm....
Oh, my favorite movies.....here is a small list...
Head (The Monkees...not a damn porno!)
A Hard Days Night (Beatles)
Help (Beatles again)
Joy Ride (Kick ass Movie!)
Wizard Of Oz (I know, I know!)
Oh and one more
Forrest Gump! (The music kicks major ass!)
That's about all for now, I suppose. If I feel like it,
I'll come back a bit later, But I'm downloadin music!

...:*Hippie freak 2002*:...

Date ~ April 10, 2002
Time ~ 11:06 pm
Song ~ Take On Me by A-Ha
Thought ~ Damn, I have school tomorrow!

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