this is me
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2002-04-11 03:54:44 (UTC)

long time lots of change

been a long time since of written, its been really hectic.
kelly, god kelly messed with me good, but ive finally
figured a few things out. kellys all dont with, thank god,
shes been driving me nuts for do long, and after over 6
months of her torture i give up for good. not to mention
the little amy stint in there. i was dating this girl amy
for a couple weeks, but sumthin scsared me about it and i
bailed. well anyways, i get to add heather and ashley to
the wonderful growng list of what seem to turn out as
mistakes. ive been thinking alot about amy still though and
my wonderful first gf, first kiss, jamie. i miss her, we
dated for a long time, broe up, dated again this summer,
which was amazing until she dumped me. oh and u know its
love when u fall for someone after not seeing them for 2
years and u want to be with them just from the sound of
their voice. and well to bring everything up to date my
bands doin well we moved on from the times of Colin's
Mullet to LessOFMore which has been doing well, people like
the name so much that when im like oh yeah go see less of
more may 3rd they think we r like a big band or something,
but were not oh well. but hey weve got a good first ig and
we r gettin $$$.
well thats all