The Shadow of Myself
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2002-04-11 03:46:52 (UTC)

boys.. blah.. and some other news

Oh my gosh.. boys don't understand girls. :) I'm pretty
sure we don't understand them either. We think we do.. but
then we don't. Basically.. I want to say that boys are
stupid. When it all comes down to it though, we're just
not on the same page.. actually we're not even in the same
book. I don't know if I want boys to be on exactly the
same page as us girls. I just would like for them to be in
the same chapter so they could understand a little bit.

Maybe I feel like guys don't understand b/c I've never met
one who really knows what's going on. And by that I mean..
they don't know me. I am still waiting for that one guy.
I seriously think I'm going to give up looking. Hopefully
he'll find me. Otherwise.. this is a bunch of crap. I'm
tired of being like.. hey he has potential... (2 days
later) ok.. basically he doesn't even know what's going
on. I don't think any guy appreciates me. That probably
just proves the fact that I haven't found the one I'm
supposed to find.

Well anyway.... WHATEVER... that is CRAP.

next subject.....

There are only 2 and 1/2 weeks of classes left.. and then
finals week. That means that I only have 3 weekends left
with my girls. This weekend is already planned out. The
weekend after that I think is the only one that we'll all
be together. The last weekend we're here Melinda and I
will be taking off for ichthus. That'll be a lot of fun..
but wow that's our last weekend. Then we have finals.. and
we'll be leaving one by one. Apparently I'll be staying
all weekend b/c my sister is graduating. I'll be here
without any friends.. :( Move out day is going to suck..
we're all going to be crying all the time. We'll probably
go through boxes of tissues. But that's still a few weeks
away so I'm going to not think about it.

I have grown so close to all of them this year. I can't
believe they won't all be right down the hall for me
everyday. That'll be sad. It's good that we all did a
corridor transfer for next year. So we'll all be together
again. We probably won't be moved in for like weeks b/c
we'll all be catching up on everything. :)

Anyway.. that was probably all I wanted to say for right
now. I have a little bit of homework to do before
Elisabeth, Melinda, and I go lay outside on central quad
and talk about life. Then we'll go to the rock of random
and sit there and talk about life some more. Wow.. we
haven't done that for awhile. My friends are sooo cool...
if you're my friend.. I just want to say.. I think you're
cool. Thanks for being my cool friend. Alright... and...
I'm out.