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2001-05-24 08:26:03 (UTC)

koolaid can stain carpet

Yeah, so I used to be a joker back in the day. Not a
juggling joker, but the kind of kids that blow smoke up
peoples' asses a lot.(to get the full effect, you must
picture me telling you this as I'm sitting in an office
chair, red, leather, with a high back)....Well, it all
started...(Wayne's World dream fingers, "doo-doo-doo-loo,
doo-doo-doo-loo") I was at the ripe old age of 10 and in
the fifth grade at Carlton Oaks elementary. Mr. Keenan,
aka "The Bald Eagle", took the class outside for an eaglish
game of racket baseball. It was boys vs. girls, and the
girls were pretty much gonners. We took our positions, some
of the girls just stood around gossiping about last
night's episode of 90210- the one where Steve has the hots
for some girl, but the girl is really a tranny and while
he's smoochin on her/his stubbly lips, he puts his hand
down her shirt and pulls out a silicone-type sack thing-
that one was gooood....but I rarely watched the show, I
mean when that Claire girl started, it just wasn't the
same. Plus, Dylan moved away- what was that crap all
about?? Ok, where was I..oh yeah, so a lot of the girls
just stood around and didn't care, well to me, it was war.
I guess I was pretty competetive in those days- the days
when it was cool to shop at Pay-Less for shoes. Damn, I
miss those days. Well, of course the first guy smacks the
ball out onto the sand. It wasn't an ordinary tennis ball
either, it was one of those little blue rubber balls.
Hmm..I think they're called racket the ball is
way out there and while the lil guy, Mikey, runs the bases,
all of the girls just stand there and do nothing. Okay,
sorry girls, you can't all be on your periods!! Geeze, show
some team effort. So when I decided to take charge and get
the ball, a few other girls decided that it wasn't a bad
idea and followed me. Must I be surrounded by so many
frickin' idiots?! Okay, that's a bit harsh. It was a waste
of energy anyways because by the time I even reached the
ball, Mikey had finished running the bases. Needless to
say, the boys won.
These days I'm much more kick back. No more racket
baseball, just me and the miles ahead. I still relish many
of the pleasures of being 10 though, such as koolaid.
However, the other day I was walking upstairs to answer the
phone while drinking red koolaid and the cup slipped from
my hand and fell to the grayish-white carpet(okay, so I was
leaping up the stairs, big deal)-and it left a stain. HA!
Good thing it wasn't my house.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TO BE CONTINUED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~