ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-04-11 03:28:00 (UTC)


TodaY was a COOl day. Wwwe had a half day and
standford 9's, so it went by all fast and stuff. I got
a new phone yesterday. its really cute and small so i can
fit it in my pocket. During the standfords, me and
Brittany kept sending eachother Text-messages. it waas
cool. then Rafa's sister picked up me, Britt, Stix,
Rafa, Paulina, and Jeniffer and she took us to Burger
King. we stayed there for awhile and just fucked around (i
think the old people behind us were getting mad....)

and then we went to my house, but on the way we
stopped by the park across the street 1: cuz its our hang-
out 2: we saw Henry so we wanted to say hey.
he was waiting for a drop off of shroomz i think, so we
just chilled with him for awhile till the drug dealers
showed and Brad showed. When we went to my
house, me , Rafa and Stix all talked on the way and we
thought it was kinda weird cuz Paulina and Jenifer were
hangin with us. were just used to it being
us cuz Paulina just kinda ditched us for awhile, but
suddenly she's just back, just like that... f**ked
up,... but anywayz Paul and Jen left when we got to
my house cuz Paul was in truble (long story)
so me, stix, rafa and Britt all went
swimming and Chris joined us too!!

But it was soooooooo fuckkkkkkkkingg
cold!!! but it was cool. then Chris whipped out some
hydro that he jacked from his dealer, so we all smoked it ,
except for Britt cuz she left. We were trippen so
bad!! and i could tell Chris was like horney off his ass
cuz he kept trying to make out and do shit with me but i
was like 'uh, no... not in front of the children.'
But we couldnt do anything cuz Rafa and Stix were there and
my mom was on her way home, so were probably just going to
ditch 5th hour tomorrow and go to the abandoned
house. Its funny cuz he is leaving for California at
like 3:00 tomorrow, so i think he just wants to get some
action before he leaves. but i know im gonna miss him
while he is gone, and i know he will miss me too!

sux, he wont be back tilll like late Saturday nite.
ITs kinda weird, cuz like out of my group of close friends,
me and Rafa are the only ones that aren't living in
Virginia anymore. One year ago, i never would have
imagined that this is the way things would be. I think my
life is going so good rite now. Im having so much fun!!!
i wouldnt change anything for anything right now. Its
also really weird cuz Rafaela is the only one out of all my
friends who understands something about me. as bad
as i feel about saying this, she knows that i sometimes
think about Eric and miss him. I want to see him again
so bad and , ya . But i love Chris, more than anything,
so i would never hurt him like that, cuz i know he's so
much better than Eric, and he's better than a lot of other
guys out there.
Especially that stupid ass who sexually
insulted me yesterday. and what pisses me off the most
is how Kat just fucking stood there laughing about it and
shit. ya Kat , thnx for sticking up for me.
Ewwww... he was like telling me how he wanted to like fuck
me and shit, and like how he wanted me to like touch and
feel up his dick...... ya rite!! i would never touch that
little skinhead, or get in his pants! oh ya, and
some stupid ass i dont even know wrote all this shit on my
survey for Science. hes like 'do me' and like somthing
else stupid.
Oh ya, and some crazy, scary, stalker
person plays with my hair when im walking in a big crowd at
school! its so scary cuz it happened like 3 times in a
row the other day. I was walking and someone like
really softly and gently and stuff grabs my hair and it
feels like they are tossing it and when i look i dont see
anyone. i thought it was WHitney who did it this one
time, but she just looked at me like im phsycho. so
ya, some people are really fucking weird! but anywayz,
i feel all gross and chloriney, so im gonna go and take a
hot, steamy, wet shower..... lol, later.