Autumn Always
2002-04-11 02:07:50 (UTC)

Automatic Karma

Things seem to still be going well. I saw my Doctor
yesterday. Doing good so far except nights are a touch edgy
for me. She thinks that will change once I increase my
dose, wich I am waiting for this weekend to do. *crosses
fingeres* I'm so hopefull. Fate was out and about
yesterday. While waiting at the Doctors I got to talking
with the woman next to me. We were both slightly annoyed at
waiting over an hour to be seen. Finaly I got fed up and
decided to go outside and smoke a clove. She said she'd
come but she didn't have her ciggerettes on her. I told her
she could have one of mine if she didn't mind a clove. So
she came out we talked I went back in got called so on.
After I left I stopped by the groccery store, then the
dollar store because I can get a plethera of candles for
about 2 bucks and then I decided randomly to go by a rose.
I went into the rose shop next door and guess who owns it?
The woman I was sitting next to at my Doctors! We were both
so weired out. What are the odds? Completly on the other
side of town. I bought a rose and she sold it to me along
with water carrier, wrap and ribbon for just 3 dollars
even. She told me she really needed a smoke break and my
kindness went dividands. I was so touched. Automatic karma
;p It was very interesting. Work went well today. I really
like the new girl Meridith. We went to school together, we
knew eachother, we just never really got to know eachother.
But people used to mistake me for her and her for me. We
have similar characturistics. She could pass for a sister.
It's so nice to have someone to get along with so well. And
it was so lovely out all day. The only downfall to today
was that she got her first dose of Rachel. She went a bit
far this time, she got angry at a dog and kicked it.
Meridith was really upset by this and ended up talking to
the Doctor at the end of the day. Wich I think was right.
I'm just stressed I had to be there to see it. I'm so tired
of "rachel" confrontation. And it's going to be mentiond to
her and of course she'll think I said something cause I was
there, I'm not sure. I just don't feel like dealing with
this. But despite the fact that the selfish side of me that
doesnt want to get involved is stressed, I know it's the
right thing to do. Grrrr. We'll see what happens tomorrow
eh? And I had a really strange dream about Nathaniel last
night. For some reason or another I had gotten myself to
his state and was there to see his wedding. How odd
considering that happend last summer and I couldn't go
because Dad was having heart problems. Only his wife Ellie
had on a black wig and it looked really bad but no matter
how many people I tried to tell they all laughed at me like
I was a lunatic. I KNEW it was a wig and no one would
believe me. Even when I was introduced it was hard not to
stare at it, and by the time I got to talk to Nathan and
prove to him it was a wig, it was too late. Call up Freud
or whathave you I have no idea what that stands for. I
think I worry too much. Make of that what you will. I hate
stress dreams. So that's about all thats new. I'm exhuasted
and theres still 2 more days untill the weekend. Off I go...