Discovery Channel-Hot Stuff
2002-04-11 02:05:38 (UTC)


I couldn't help myself the other day. I just had the urge
to do it, and I did it. In my bathroom at the farthest end,
there are mirrored sliding closet doors. Behind them are
actually the washer to your left, the dryer to your right,
and a window above the both of them. The soft warm towels
coming out of the dryer felt so nice and I just wanted to
lay in them.
As time went on I had this urge as I eyed the house next
door through window and I finally followed through with it.
I began by unbottoning my top and slipping it off into the
laundry. Next to go was the bra I wore and my breasts were
exposed. I gave a nice little show of feeling my tits with
both palms. Slipping off my jeans and panties unseen, I
finally lifted myself to the washer and dryer and spread
eagled in front of the window. All of a sudden there was
some honking and clapping from a car next door. Someone had
seen me. I dont know who but it was great. I may have to
make a habit of this activity!

A question to all who read this...if you care to send me
the answer, great! If not, thats fine too.

Question: Where do you tend to masturbate if you do?