For you my angel

Angelica's Complicated Love Life
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2002-04-11 01:49:25 (UTC)

A day in the life

hey there diary,
this is my first entry in this diary. Not much has
happened today . Other than rampage in my neighborhood.
I thought moving to Toms River, NJ would be a change
comparing to Newark, New Jersey...but i rudely found out
that no matter where you go there is violence.
In a nutshell cop killed 5 today and then he killed himself
which unfortunately i expected. Coming from a family of
police officers and knowing their mentality..there was only
one option...suicide...well in their minds its better than
going to jail ...meeting up with all they have sent there..
i chose nursing instead but i see it every day...
today my diary and life might not seem complicated but wait
till i start writing at 2am and then you will know things
in my life are very confusing...,if i am awake today i will
write....and start off this diary with my troubled life..
to all who are reading this...please dont judge my life,
enjoy your own...
for now kisses and hugs diary
soon i will use you to get out everything that i cant tell
anyone i know
as for always
In my dreams comes an Angel