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2002-04-11 01:14:52 (UTC)

Ech! ^^;

I have a sore throat. It hurts like hell, I hate
swallowing and even talking. And when I move my head too
much, or I climb up the stairs or stand up from a stooped
position, my head hurts and I feel faint/light-headed. My
body aches too. Argh... I think I got this cold or
whatever from Mehul. I met him yesterday as a favor for
Arpana. He was so sad and upset. I felt bad for him. I
hope Arpana makes the right decisions from now on so she
won't break his heart like that anymore. She must stop
lying. Anyways... there's a whole lot more I could say
but I don't have the patience to write about it. Maaaan,
I haven't been sick in like a year... I used to get sick
at least once a year... but ever since I became vegetarian
(with a few exceptions, grr...), I haven't been sick. I
read somewhere that vegetarians and vegans have milder
personalities and do not get sick often. Bleh, I just had
to fall sick though. No fever or flu though, at least not
yet. Let's hope not! I want to go to the show with
Jonathan this Saturday, so I must be well! :P

Oh my gosh... I saw Anti-Flag on the 5th. The other bands
were Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, Thought Riot, and The
Code. The show kicked ass!! Even though I went alone, I
felt included. So much unity, aww. I lost my cell phone
in the circle pit though, ugh. Arpana called around 11:30
PM and some guy picked up saying the phone wasn't his and
that he found it at the show. She described him to me so
he could find me. He said he would but apparently he
didn't find me. Jacob called the next day and some guy
picked up and said 'shit' and hung up when he asked if he
found the phone at a show. Blah, I thought he was cool.
Oh well... I'll get another one, at least I have
insurance. This'll be the second phone I lost in less
than a year. In less than 6 months, actually. Hehe...
good thing is, I spoke to Pat, Chris Head, and Chris #2 a
little bit after the show. Pat and Chris Head signed my
Socialist conference ticket and my Revolution Books card.
And, I gave Chris #2 an issue of the ISR (International
Socialist Review)and a copy of 'War Times' newspaper. He
said something like 'this is great, thanks' and asked for
my name. I said 'Stephanie', and he shook my hand and
said 'Nice to meet you, I'm Chris #2.' As if I didn't
know! ^^ During the show, Chris #2 and I met eyes and he
smiled at me. I forgot if Justin looked at me, but I'm
guessing he did. Yaaaay! That show was my second Anti-
Flag show and the first time I went into a circle pit. Go

Ah, I like Jonathan. I'm happy he likes me too. I'm a
bit worried about the confession he made on the phone
though. He said that he hesitated being with me
(something like that)because my parents don't let me stay
out late and because I don't smoke pot. He heard stories
about stoners and non-stoners not getting along. I was
upset. He said that he didn't want to tell me because he
knows it isn't my fault and that he'd like me all the same
if I did or didn't smoke pot. He said he hesitated at
first, but not anymore because he doesn't see why it
wouldn't work out. He said we'll take it slow and see how
it goes. Phew. Still irked me though. I went to his
house last time and we kissed. It was great. We were
both shy, and it took awhile before it happened. I really
hope we get together sooner or later.