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2002-04-11 00:55:26 (UTC)

I'm Back Baby!!

Whoa it took me a LONG time to get around to this and I know it will
be really long, and I KNOW I probably won't get everything done but I
will try :)

Date: April 10,2002
Time: 7:57 p.m.
Comments: AOL is making everything look really big and its
starting to piss tha living hell out of me!! Eh.. ok it wasn't AOL it
was my computer my bad aol lol.

~*~*Krystal's baby~*~*

My sister had her baby a month ago! I got to see
everything cuz I was in tha room!! I tell ya I'm never
going to have any kids! Anywho... I also met Casper for
the first time. He SEEMED really nice and everything & we
talked a lot. Not to long after my sister had the baby she
left him again cuz he hit her and said he was going to kill
her. The damn mofo! She also told me that he hit her right
before she had the baby (Jacob 7 ibs 12 oz. 21in).

Wait until I see his ass again, I swear to u I hate Casper for
all that I have in me! I'm so happy she left him for good this time,
he's very dangerous and would have killed her sooner or later if she
didn't leave.


That hott ass boy who used to work with my mom(Mike) got arrested a
long time ago. The po pos busted him with weed while he was working.
He looked so sad when we got to the gas station. They had him
handcuffed and he was smoking a cig. They took him to jail for tha
night and let him out tha next day cuz I guess he is going to lead
tha po pos to sum other drug dealers. Yes, he is also one. I've seen
him a few times since that day, but my mom fired him. I haven't seen
him for a long time tho, I hope everything is going well with him
where ever he may be :)


Well, I didn't get to go to my Prince concert. When my aunt called
Chicago to see where I had to pick my tickets up from they told her
there wasn't any in my name. I later found out that I couldn't get
them until 1 hour before the concert started. There was no way I
could get up there tho cuz it was snowing way to badly! I was so
pissed off but hey oh well there is always a next time :)


She invited me to spend the night at her house a few weeks ago.
My mom wouldn't let me tho cuz she lives in Markstown a really bad
part of E.C. I wanted to go so bad 2!! There is no telling what
would've happened lol.
I also found out that Lydia knows my aunt Renee!! Renee used to
baby-sit her when she was 10!!


First of all, I haven't been online as much as I used to be. For
many reasons which are; people always calling me, people coming over,
me not being able to get online, and me going out and doing things.


I haven't been talking to Sam like I used to be. Last night we got
into this big fight cuz he was saying that I never planned on going
to the Prince concert and all this other shit. Like I told him he can
think whatever he wants for I don't give a damn anymore.


Within the past few weeks I have talked to Kelly about 3 times. Just
the common what's up, how u been, and lil chit chat. Things between
me and her aren't like they used to be, and they won't ever be like
they did.


On different page

B*O*B*B*Y the other one I go out with

Well, since I have written me and Bobby have been in fights upon
fights. ::sighs:: Even at this moment we're not really talking. It
seems like he is to busy for me or is cheating on me. Which is all
good cuz I'm doing tha same. lol I wrote him a letter responding to
the one he sent me and sent him a postcard while I was in Minn. I
don't really have any feelings for him anymore, and more then likely
I will be calling it off with him. As always I will let u know what


Since I wrote, I have talked to Jack on the phone twice. All we did
was have phone sex. I used to like Jack so much but now I don't as
much. ::shrugs:: I don't need anyone but Justin I guess. It's amazing
tho as soon as I hear Jack's voice all my feelings for him come back,
so I dunno maybe I'm whooped over him lol.


Pretty much me and Amanda are going strong. We're still writing a
lot of letters to each other and sometimes talking thru email. :)
Maybe one day I will take some of her letters and type them out on
here :)


Not my ex-boyfriend John a new one I met thru Leah, this gurl I used
to go to school with. He's really hot and really sweet. Also very
sexual lol. But hey oh well huh. I've only been talking to him a few
days so I can't really say much about him!


Omg, guess who IMed me the other day! Nick!! He's actually talking
to me again, I can't believe it! I just hope we talk for a long time
and he don't get pissed off at me or whatever. But either way I'm
still happy he is talking to me again :)


Eh.. it seems like my whole family loves to backstab me and then act
like nothing is wrong. When I stayed at Renee's house on Easter, she
got into my backpack, got out some letters Amanda wrote me and read
them to my gram. My uncle and mom also heard them. I had no idea any
of it happened until my mom told me on Friday April 12,2002. It
pisses me off so bad that my own family goes against me like they
do, especially Renee. But hey what can I do? What goes around comes


During the last few weeks I cut myself twice and drank cough
medicine three times. My right thigh is totally fucked up, full of
scars. This time I did them really deep, so deep that the knife
literally made a straight line of blood. Its been about 2 weeks since
I cut and u can still feel where the cuts are and see them. About 10
scars or so total.
I started to drink cough medicine when Erica told me how it made her
feel when she told me she drank it. It made me feel like shit but I
still did it. I felt like I was going to die when I drank a lot of
it. Since I drank it, my arm muscles have been cramping up, and as
well as my chest hurting, my body going partially numb, and all this
other shit, probably all cuz of the cough medicine overdose.

~*~*ERICA,ADRIAN,JUSTIN, & Tha Movies~*~*

So much stuff has happened me, Erica, and Adrian. So me going to the
movies with Adrian and Erica, and then Erica and Justin, plus what's
been going down between me and Erica, and me and Adrian will be on a
different page.


My not so close friend Lisa was in the hospital because of her liver
not so long ago. Erica told me about it. I guess she is doing okay
now but I don't know. I hardly know her and only called her three
times. All I know is that she has had problems with her liver for
since she was a little kid and she could've died over it, and still


SCHOOL DANCE-There was a school dance the Thursday before I we had
spring break. It was okay I guess, but hardly no one danced. I only
did the cha cha slide and spent the rest of the time hanging out with
friends on the sidelines lol.

REPORT CARDS- I got my report card as well, as soon as I find it I
will post the grades. But anywho there was also an open house at my
school for all parents to come and get report card and stuff. Lets
just say my mom went off and I cried,cried,cried, and ummm cried. lol

CHOIR- I've had a lot of choir concerts since I have written. One,
was actually a contest thing where judges graded us and stuff. It was
pretty cool actually! We did ok but not all that good, I guess we
were all scared.


On different page


probably on the same page about Andria


It seems like I have been writing for like ever. I still have a lot
of stuff to write about but it will be on different pages and stuff.
Anywho I feel like shit from this cold so I'm going to take a nice
long shower. So buh bi for now :) (spell checkin l8er on)

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